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Georgia Equality’s mission is to advance fairness, safety and opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and our allies throughout the state. We are two organizations – united with a common vision but serving unique functions in our work to achieve equality. Georgia Equality, Inc. works year-round to pass pro-equality legislation and elect fair-minded elected officials. Through the Equality Foundation of Georgia, we conduct voter registration and educational activities, provide information to decision makers, and work to organize and mobilize LGBT residents and allies to advance equality in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the state.

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they’ve got my support, can they count on you?


I’m writing today to encourage your support of an organization that I’ve come to know and love for the work they’re doing in our state.

First, a little about me– I’m Erin Swenson and while I’m originally from Buffalo, NY, I’ve spent my entire adult life in Georgia. I was ordained by the Presbytery of Atlanta in 1973 and in 1996 I became the first known mainstream minister to transition while remaining in ordained office. So, needless to say the issues of transgender equality and faith are near and dear to me. Read More

It’s official! McCrory concedes.

It’s official: After weeks of hemming and hawing, counting and recounting the votes—North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory just conceded defeat!

When McCrory signed HB 2 into law—the first-ever law to effectively ban transgender people from public restrooms—he took a damning position in favor of anti-transgender discrimination.

And he held firm to that position. When businesses boycotted, he dug in. When sports organizations spoke out, he doubled down. When his gubernatorial opponent campaigned hard against heinous the HB 2 law, McCrory fought him head to head in staunch support of the law. Read More

help me say thank you

I’m Brendan, I’m 24 years old, and I’m living with HIV.

I’m writing to you today to encourage you to support an organization that I’ve been involved with for the past 2 years, one that has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, a citizen, and an HIV advocate.

Last year, I was selected to serve as a Youth Policy Advisor through Georgia Equality’s Youth HIV/AIDS Policy Advisor program. As a part of this initiative, I was matched with a local elected official to serve as a resource to them on the needs of young HIV positive people in the metro Atlanta area. Since then, and with the help of Georgia Equality, I traveled to Washington, DC to meet with members of Congress and their staffs to present them with the facts about HIV in Georgia and encourage them to do more to help fight the epidemic. Read More