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Georgia Equality’s mission is to advance fairness, safety and opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and our allies throughout the state. We are two organizations – united with a common vision but serving unique functions in our work to achieve equality. Georgia Equality, Inc. works year-round to pass pro-equality legislation and elect fair-minded elected officials. Through the Equality Foundation of Georgia, we conduct voter registration and educational activities, provide information to decision makers, and work to organize and mobilize LGBT residents and allies to advance equality in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the state.

The Latest

Staff Spotlight: Gender Inclusion Organizer Chanel Haley

Wondering what Georgia Equality’s Gender Inclusion Organizer has been up to? She’s going around the state talking to students in Columbus and University staff in Atlanta about the importance of trans inclusion.

On December 11, 2017, Chanel will be speaking to the Gay- Straight Alliance (GSA) at Hardaway High School in Columbus, GA about being resilient and growing up LGBTQ during these contentious times. Read More


If you are ready to let your legislators hear from you and you need to know how to reach them – Learn how> Georgia Equality’s Advocacy Training is coming this January.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, January 13 at 1PM

This training provided by Georgia Equality staff will provide you with the tools necessary to make an impact on issues you care about.

We will begin with a Legislative Update/Overview for the work ahead in 2018. We will provide training on issues will focus on LGBTQ issues generally, including fighting anti-LGBTQ bills, and pushing for full nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ Georgians through promotion of a comprehensive and inclusive state civil rights bill, and how to lobby your legislator as well as social media training on how to use and get your message out on Twitter.

We’re holding our first political Advocacy Training for 2018 on Saturday January 13, 2018 at the Phillip Rush Center at 1PM in Atlanta and we want you to be there!

LGBTQ and supportive voices are going to be critical at the state capitol again this year as we push for full non-discrimination protections in state law. We want you with us.

Coffee/Beverages and other snacks will be provided during the training.
Click here to RSVP to the January 13th training.



Supreme Court Hears Landmark Nondiscrimination Case

On Tuesday, December 5, oral arguments were held in the Masterpiece Cake v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. While it’s easy to see this case as simply about the ability for a same-sex couple to receive wedding-related services, the Masterpiece case isn’t about cakes—rather it is an attempt to dismantle our nation’s nondiscrimination laws. The discrimination unleashed if the bakery wins this case would be staggering. The license to discriminate sought by the bakery could allow any kind of business that claims they use an element of creativity—for example, a restaurant, a hair salon, a school counselor, or a tailor—to tell anyone, not just same-sex couples, that “We don’t serve your kind here.” Read More