we still have work ahead of us


Over the last few weeks, you’ve heard Amy and Melanie, Kenyatta, Joseph and Steph, and Glen Paul talk about Georgia Equality’s work over the past year. I hope you had a chance to read what they had to say. After all, you and your support are the reasons why Georgia Equality has been so successful over the past year and have contributed to our success over the past several years.

However, despite those successes, we still have work ahead of us.

In January, legislators will return to the State Capitol, and there are already threats that we will again have to fight against efforts to write anti-LGBTQ discrimination into law. But with your support, Georgia Equality will not only fight against these efforts, we will advance our cause by:

  • fighting for a state-wide nondiscrimination bill that will protect all Georgians from discrimination
  • working with our coalition partners to see that Georgia’s adoption code gets the re-write it desperately needs without any anti-LGBTQ amendments
  • continuing to work with legislators around issues concerning people living with HIV, through our Youth HIV Policy Advisors
  • training more business leaders, educators, and lawmakers about the lives of transgender Georgians and what they can do to address trans-specific bias
  • helping more municipalities in Georgia pass non-discrimination ordinances like the one in the City of Atlanta.

We’ve also been working internally to make sure that our organization truly represents Georgia’s LGBTQ community. In 2018 half of our Board of Directors will be women, and half of our staff will be people of color.

We will continue to face unprecedented and far-reaching challenges to the gains we’ve made toward equality for LGBTQ communities and our allies throughout the state. For the work ahead I need you to reach deep with your gift to Georgia Equality- and please know that I’d be immensely grateful for any level of support you can provide.

There’s still plenty of work left to do in Georgia, but we know that hard work makes a big difference. Each day we get closer to a more equal Georgia, and each person who stands with us makes it happen even faster. So I’m not stopping now, and I hope you won’t either.

Fighting for equality,

Jeff Graham, Executive Director

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