Park Cannon Stands for Equality

Meet  Park Cannon, a 24-year-old women’s wellness advocate for the Feminist Women’s Health Center. She is an LGBT and Women’s Health Advocate, member of Ebenezer Baptist Church and long-time resident of the Old Fourth Ward.

Cannon, not new to policy work, cites education, jobs and health care (specifically Medicaid expansion) as some of the issues of importance to her. She is opposed to the current Religious Freedom Restoration Act and other religious exemption bills.

She was born in Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, near Albany State College Georgia. Her father, a Vietnam veteran retired as Master Sergeant at the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base, and her mother, was a pharmaceutical rep from Camilla. She graduated from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with two majors – Hispanic Linguistics and Linguistics – and a minor in women’s and gender studies.

She believes that there is a lack of representation at the Capitol. She states that women are dramatically underrepresented, making up 54% of the state’s population where are only 18% are elected and that the statistics involving African-American women are even worse. ”

She is involved and committed to local neighborhood issues regarding the changes at Turner Field and she is working to make sure the growth in the Old Fourth Ward is balanced, smart and neighborhood approved.