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Marriage Licenses

We will not know for certain how quickly counties in Georgia will begin to issue marriage licenses after ruling from the US Supreme Court. If you are interested in obtaining a marriage license – contact your county officials regarding payment whether they accept credit cards, checks, or cash only. Information on how to obtain a marriage in other counties can be found on the State of Georgia website:

FAQ: See Georgia Equality and Lambda Legal Fact Sheeting regarding marriage in Georgia :FAQ – Marriage Equality in Georgia

   Fulton County

Fulton County is issuing marriage licenses!  Information on how to obtain a marriage license in Fulton County can be found on this website:

Premarital Counseling

The State of Georgia allows for a discount of marriage license fees for those couples who have attended a certified premarital counseling program.  Georgia Equality is currently working to identify certified counselors who are willing to work with gay and lesbian couples.  Click here to view the current list of resources.

Are you a registered officiant in Georgia who would love to help join same-sex couples in marriage in the event that the Supreme Court rules in favor of the freedom to marry? Please take a moment to sign up here to be listed as an interested officiant in Georgia!

Are you hoping to get married right away if the freedom to marry comes to Georgia? We’ve gathered a list of officiants from the state who are ready to perform weddings after the decision comes down! Some of these officiants also offer premarital counseling services as well.


The Why Marriage Matters Georgia Campaign is a partnership between Georgia Equality and the national organization Freedom to Marry, combining years of experience fighting for LGBT equality in Georgia with the expertise in winning the freedom to marry in other states. This effort is a grassroots public education campaign to build support for and ultimately win the freedom to marry in Georgia. Additionally, as part of this strategy, GE advocates for local level recognition laws in order to have some basic access through domestic partner registries. Couples can use these registries as a means of proof to obtain domestic partner benefits from supportive employers.

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Click here for information about Federal benefits.