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Endorsed Candidates

The Board of Directors of Georgia Equality is pleased to endorse the following candidates for the upcoming December 5, 2017 RUNOFF elections.  

In a period in which many people seeking elected office are supportive of the LGBT community, the Georgia Equality Board of Directors will issue an endorsement for a candidate who we feel is best placed to advance our policy agenda. The lack of an endorsement should not necessarily be viewed as a negative reflection of a particular candidate’s views on LGBT issues in general. In some instances the board did not make an endorsement if there were multiple candidates with evenly matched views on LGBT issues or in races where an incumbent was running unopposed.

State Senate

District 6: Jen Jordan (D)

“My closest friends, my closest family members, and my law partner are all members of the LGBT community. And while the fact of these relationships is not unusual, it does make the fight to protect LGBT rights very personal for me. This personal stake paired with my background as an advocate for the protection of constitutional and individual rights makes me uniquely qualified to advocate and protect the ones that I love. Simply, I think that the members of the LGBT community should support me because I support and love and value them. And I will work as hard as I can to protect, to represent, and to ensure that each of them can live free from discrimination and be afforded the rights that any other American citizen enjoys.”

                     -Jen Jordan

For donation and volunteer information, please visit Jen’s website, www.jen4ga.com

District 39: Nikema Williams (D)

“I’m Carter’s mom, the communities’ advocate, and the next State Senator from district 39! Senate district 39 is a deep blue district that runs through the heart of Atlanta. Our community deserves a Senator that will go beyond just a good vote but a true progressive champion. A champion that will fight to make sure all Georgians have equal protections under the law, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or who they love. Election’s are about the future and I’m fighting for OUR future!”

                    -Nikema Williams



For donation and volunteer information, please visit Nikema’s website, https://nikemaforsenate.com

State House

Distrct 60: De’Andre Pickett (D)

“I’m not one who would say that I must vote for because I am a LGBT candidate but I know first-hand issues that affect us more than ever. I was the guy who felt as if he couldn’t say certain things or attend certain event because of receiving scrutiny from religious sects or family. Not being able to be authentic in who I am has always frustrated me. I’ve sure there are so many other young black men like myself who just need to be told it’s ok. That is why I am running.”

-De’Andre Pickett

For donation and volunteer information, please visit De’Andre’s website, http://www.iamdspickett.com/

Distrct 89: Bee Nguyen (D)

“As the daughter of former refugees from Vietnam, I will use my voice at every turn to fight for a fair and inclusive government. My parents fled from an oppressive regime that did not protect its citizens. I am committed to building a state where all Georgians are treated with dignity and justice. I stand proud with the LGBTQ community and I am honored to receive the endorsement of Georgia Equality, whose powerful work promises us a bright and safe future.”

-Bee Nguyen

For donation and volunteer information, please visit Bee’s website, www.beeforgeorgia.com

Fulton County Commission

Commission Chair: Keisha Waites

“I am most proud to receive the support and endorsement of my LGBTQ family.   Most significantly the loss of the late Commissioner Joan Garner creates a massive void in having a voice at the table to champion the concerns of the LGBTQ community.    I look forward to working with Georgia Equality and continuing the tireless work Commissioner Garner began.    For the last two decades, I have has fought tirelessly to remove the disparities and barriers that plague the LGBTQ community and de-stigmatize the misperceptions that exist.   As a triple minority, I am no stranger to social alienation, familial rejection, and denial of services.”

                     -Keisha Waites

For donation and volunteer information, please visit Keisha’s website https://www.keishawaites.com

City of Atlanta

City Council President: Alex Wan

“I am grateful for this nod from Georgia
Equality, and especially appreciative that they recognize me not just as a gay candidate, but for my ongoing commitment to the community, and a willingness to take this next step, serving the City I love in a much broader role. I do believe I have earned the vote not only of LGBT Atlanta residents, but of all of the diverse stakeholders of our City. I will continue to bring people together, working through a lens of transparency and sustainability, as a strong, vocal, and positive advocate.”

                           -Alex Wan

For donation and volunteer information please visit Alex’s website, alexwanforatlanta.com

Atlanta School Board

District 7 At-Large: Kandis Wood Jackson

Georgia Equality members should support my campaign for the School Board because I am ready to fight for all of Atlanta’s students, including our students in the LGBTQIA community and their allies. 

                      -Kandis Wood Jackson





For donation and volunteer information please visit Kandis’ website: www.kandiswoodjackson.com


denotes an openly LGBTQ candidate