Election Results

Election Results

November 7, 2017 was a HUGE night for Georgia Equality endorsees and LGBTQ candidates around the country!

For the first time, a state legislature in the United States will have an openly transgender member–Danica Roem in Virginia; Andrea Jenkins, the first openly transgender black woman elected to public office will join the City Council in Minneapolis; and right here in Georgia, Georgia Equality endorsee Stephe Koontz will become the first transgender member of the Doraville City Council.

Georgia Equality endorsed candidates had success up and down the ballot, and it’s all thanks to you, our supporters. 13 of our endorsed candidates won their races outright, and seven of them have advanced to a runoff. Our pick for Mayor of Atlanta, Cathy Woolard finished third after a last minute surge of support. Openly gay Atlanta City Councilperson Alex Wan finished first in the race for City Council President and is headed to a runoff. All four of GE’s endorsed candidates running in a state legislative race– Jen Jordan, Nikema Williams, De’Andre Pickett, and Bea Nguyen have advanced to the runoff in their races. The City of Doraville elected two new openly LGBT members–Joseph Geierman will represent District 2, and Stephe Koontz will represent District 3.

With your help Georgia Equality has been contacing voters via mail, email, and text message; and we’re confident your support made the difference for many of these candidates, so thank you!

Our work continues! We’ve got seven runoffs to win in December so stay with us and let’s bring them all home!

Below are the results for Georgia Equality’s Endorsed Candidates for the Nov. 7, 2017 elections.

City of Atlanta

Cathy Woolard*  –  Mayor  –  finished 3rd w/ 17%
Alex Wan*  –  City Council President  –  finished 1st w/ 38% (runoff)
Courtney  English  –  City Council Post 1  –  lost by 365 votes
Matt Westmoreland  –  City Council Post 2  –  won w/ 64%
Carla Smith  –  City Council District 1  –  won w/ 56%
Amir Farokhi  –  City Council District 2  –  won w/ 55%
Liliana Bakhtiari*  –  City Council District 5  –  lost by 252 votes
Kirk Rich*  –  City Council District 6  –  lost: 68% – 32%
Howard Shook  –  City Council District 7  –  won w/ 69%
Anna Tillman  –  City Council District 8  –  lost: 54% – 46%
Andrea Boone  –  City Council District 10  –  won w/ 77%
Joyce Sheperd  –  City Council District 12  –  won w/ 57%
Kandis Wood Jackson  –  School Board Dst 7 At-Large  –  won w/43% (runoff)
Leslie Grant  –  School Board District 1  –  won w/ 75%
Tony Burks  –  School Board District 2  –  lost w/ 16%
Eshe’ Collins  –  School Board District 6  –  won w/ 58%

State Senate

Jen Jordan  –  District 6  –  finished 1st w/ 24% (runoff)
Nikema Williams  –  District 39  –  finished 1st w/ 35% (runoff)

State House

De’Andre Pickett*  –  District 60  –  finished 2nd w/ 35% (runoff)
Bee Nguyen  –  District 89  –  finished 1st w/ 40% (runoff)

Fulton County

Keisha Waites*  –  Commission Chair  –  finished 2nd w/ 34% (runoff)
Josh McNair*  –  Commission District 4  –  finished 3rd w/ 14%

City of Clarkston

Ted Terry  –  Mayor  –  won w/ 58%
YT Bell  –  City Council  –  won w/ 18% (no runoff)
Andrea Cervone  –  City Council  –  won w/ 64%
Laura Hopkins  –  City Council  –  lost w/ 15%

City of Doraville

Joseph Geierman*  –  City Council District 2  –  won w/ 58%
Stephe Koontz*  –  City Council District 3  –  won by 6 votes