January 7: Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher to Host First City Network’s Monthly Social

From First City Network:

First City Network (FCN) is proud and honored to support
and have the support of Chatham County Sheriff, John Wilcher.

Sheriff Wilcher is an asset, not only to the LGBT community, but to all of Chatham County.  He treats everyone he meets with dignity and respect.  His open door policy makes him truly a sheriff of and for the people he proudly serves. Continue reading

Preview: 2017 Georgia General Assembly

By now, you’ve heard that the 2017 Georgia General Assembly georgia-gold-domewill begin on Monday, January 9, 2017. You’ve likely also heard about the onslaught of anti-LGBT bills that Georgia Equality has led the fight against for the past 3 years. What we want to make sure you know though, is how you can be involved in our work at the state capitol, and how you can make sure we continue to keep anti-LGBT bills from becoming law and how we can begin to push for full nondiscrimination protections for LGBT Georgians.  Continue reading

I’m not stopping now, and I hope you won’t either.

Over the last few weeks, you’ve heard from BrendanErintherm-17850-of-20000Joey, and Sam about Georgia Equality’s work over the past year. I hope you read what they had to say because after all, you and your support are the reasons why Georgia Equality has worked so hard this year.

We are stronger together and together in 2016 we have:

  • Squashed more than 10 bills- more than we’ve ever seen- that threatened to undermine the equal rights of LGBT people
  • Narrowly avoided North Carolina’s fate by convincing Governor Deal to veto shameful legislation that would have given license to discriminate against LGBT Georgians under the guise of religion
  • Elected a record number of LGBT legislators who will push for nondiscrimination protections
  • Registered nearly 2,000 new voters in Georgia, and organize hundreds of volunteers who have had thousands of conversations about why updating our nondiscrimination laws to include transgender people is so important
  • Advocated for stronger programs crucial to curtailing HIV disparities and finally ending the HIV epidemic
  • Grown the next wave of advocates through our legislative advocacy training and transgender competency trainings for police officers

Continue reading