We’re going to get there. And it will happen because of you.

With runoff elections behind us,the work of continuing to push our state toward full LGBTQ equality now turns to our state capitol. Legislators will convene on January 9, 2018 for what is sure to be another action packed session. Many issues concerning LGBT Georgians are likely to be debated, but I’m not worried, and I’d like to tell you why. Hopefully after you’ve read my story you’ll join me in supporting Georgia Equality during their end of year fundraising drive this year.

Through my work with Waste Management, I find myself at the Captiol regularly duing the General Assembly, and not a day goes by that I don’t see some member of Georgia Equality’s team under the gold dome, fighting hard for LGBTQ Georgians.

Last year’s session lasted until well past midnight to sometime in the early morning hours of March 31st. I was there until it was over, and so were several Georgia Equality staff members. You see, there had been  rumors circulating in the Capitol late into the evening that there might be a last ditch effort to revive religious exemptions legislation that would permit people to discriminate simply by citing their “religious beliefs.” And while nothing was certain, Georgia Equality made sure they were in a position to react and respond to protect LGBTQ Georgians from discrimination.

And it’s a good thing GE was there; a few radical legislators attempted to amend their discriminatory language onto a bill relating to adoption, effectively killing any attempt at re-writing the state’s adoption code. Despite the best efforts of a few strong proponents of so-called “religious freedom” bills to advance their anti-LGBTQ agenda, no anti-LGBTQ bills passed — which was a direct result of the work of Georgia Equality and their campaign Georgia Unites Against Discrimination.

When we head back to the capitol in January, I’ll look forward to seeing my friends from Georgia Equality there, doing the work of protecting LGBTQ Georgians. With your help, they’ll spend the next legislative session not only fighting off ALL anti-LGBTQ bills, but pushing hard for Georgia to adopt a fully inclusive non-discrimination law. We’re going to get there. And it will happen because of you. Support Georgia Equality today so they have the tools to continue the work they do on behalf of LGBTQ Georgians every day.

Join me in making a donation today,

-Kenyatta Mitchell

PS: If you’re feeling generous this holiday season, please make a monthly recurring gift so Georgia Equality can count on your support each month next year!