ACA is the law of the land because of you!

It happened in the night, but hopefully you’ve heard the news by now! In the early hours of Friday, August 28th, the US Senate failed to pass an Affordable Care Act repeal bill meaning that hundreds of thousands of Georgians woke up to learn they get to keep the coverage they have through the ACA.

Make no mistake, this is the direct result of you and people like you taking action — calling your lawmakers, sending emails, posting on social media, and having conversations. Over the past weeks, more than 1,500 Georgia Equality supporters have contacted lawmakers, letting them know that access to good quality, affordable healthcare is important to us.

You made this happen. Thank you!

This won’t be the last time we have to push back against bad bills, so in the coming days and weeks, continue to monitor your emails, check out Georgia Equality’s Facebook, and our Twitter. If we all stay engaged, we can continue to move our state and our country in the direction of equality.