End of Year Fundraising Drive Smashes Goal!

The supporters of Georgia Equality have done itdonate-website-button again! Thanks to many last minute gifts for us and also the kids, not only did you help us meet our goal of $20,000 but you smashed through that number and helped us raise just shy of $30,000!!

As part of the 2016 drive, you heard from Brendan Allison about his work with our HIV policy programs, from Rev. Erin Swenson about her involvement with our transgender spokesperson trainings, from Joey Traina about Georgia Equality’s state-wide work, and from Representative-Elect Sam Park about our work to elect LGBT and LGBT friendly policy makers.

As we head into the 2017 Legislative Session, we do so knowing we have the backing of so many of you, and with great gratitude for each and every one of you. This next session is sure to bring new, unexpected challenges, but knowing that each of you are with us gives us the resources and renewed will to fight.

Thank you for standing with us again. We’ll fight our hearts out at the capitol in 2017 and beyond for each and every LGBT Georgian. If you didn’t get your gift in in 2017, but would like to do so now, please click here and do that. Every gift helps us prepare for anti-LGBT bills and fight for full nondiscrimination protections for LGBT Georgians.