Youth HIV Policy Advisors host annual HIV Policy and Action Lunch

Members of Georgia Equality’s Youth HIV Policy Advisors (YHPA) program hosted the Third Annual HIV Policy and Action Luncheon as part of Georgia Equality’s World AIDS Days Atlanta programming this year. Elected officials from all levels of state and local government attended and were able to hear from program participants about the specific needs and challenges that come with being a young person living with HIV in the metro-Atlanta area.

YHPA participants gave a short presentation to elected leaders, HIV activists and other community leaders focusing on social determinants of health that heavily impact one’s chances of becoming HIV+ and also have a major impact on one’s ability to get in and stay in care.

Members of the program also held a panel discussion and invited attendees to ask questions about HIV, what it means to be young and HIV+ in Atlanta, and what policy makers can do to address some of the needs young folks living with HIV have. Click here to view the 2016 Youth HIV Policy Advisors Policy Recommendations. 

Georgia Equality would like to thank all of the elected leaders who attended our program this year, and also to give a huge congratulations to all of the Youth HIV policy Advisors who work long and hard on the program for the 2016 Policy and Action Luncheon.

Please take a look at the gallery below for photos from this year’s World AIDS Day Policy and Action Luncheon.