their work is making a difference in our state


Happy Holidays! It’s State Representative-Elect Sam Park, and I hope this email finds you well. As a native Georgian, I had the honor of becoming the very first openly gay man elected to the Georgia State Legislature. The voters of House District 101 showed the world that we the people are continuing the march towards justice. By voting for me, they demonstrated their ability to look beyond the differences that so often separate us, and rejected the discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ legislation my opponent supported earlier this year. This did not happen by accident, however. Without the support of Georgia Equality, I would not have won and made history. More importantly, our work is far from complete. We have so much more to do, and with your support, we will continue to make gains in the fight for equal dignity for all Georgians throughout our great state. In 2016 alone, Georgia Equality registered 1,850 voters, and reached more than 35,000 voters to promote candidates who will fight for LGBTQ equality.

So today, I ask you to stand with me and support Georgia Equality as they’ve supported my candidacy along with countless pro-LGBTQ candidates running for office in Georgia. The hard work they do is essential to not only protect us from discrimination, but to continue to fight for full equality for all LGBTQ Georgians.

Come next year, along with my fellow openly-LGBTQ colleagues, Karla Drenner, Keisha Waites and Park Cannon, I will proudly join Georgia Equality’s push for full non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ Georgians. I will also fight my heart out to stop any legislation that seeks to harm our LGBTQ community. I look forward to working with Georgia Equality in the upcoming legislative session, and I hope you’ll make a gift to them in an amount that is meaningful to you to help support their indispensable work.

Fighting for equality,

Sam Park

PS: If you’re feeling generous this holiday season, please make a monthly recurring gift so Georgia Equality can count on your support each month next year!