‘Living With’– GE’s World AIDS Day art exhibit wows crowds

The newest addition to Georgia Equality’s World AIDS Day Atlanta programming was Living With— an experiential art-as-advocacy exhibit featuring a curated collection of multi-sensory, interactive art installations that told the intimate and complex stories of life with HIV. These installations, “Living Spaces,” were modern interpretations of the largest piece of community folk art in history- The AIDS Memorial Quilt. The exhibit also featured installations and individual pieces from people living with HIV and nationally renowned artists. 

As part of the exhibit, Georgia Equality hosted a closing reception to help support GE’s HIV advocacy programs, including the Youth HIV Policy Advisors Program.  Attendees mingled with contributing artists, subject and community activists as they viewed the hundreds of pieces of art on display.

GE’s staff works on the front lines to address root causes of HIV by educating and encouraging policymakers and community leaders to leverage their power to end AIDS once and for all. This year alone, our Youth HIV Policy Advisors Program matched 25 HIV+ youth with elected officials to educate them about life with HIV, and our Georgia HIV Advocacy Network hosted the largest HIV advocacy day in our state capitol’s history. We monitor and analyze federal, state and local HIV-related policy, communicate with advocates and train people living with to use their voices for sustainable change. We do a lot with a little. We can do even more with your help.

Check out the gallery below for just a few of the pieces of art in Living With. And click here for a video of just one of the moving performances of the night!