they’ve got my support, can they count on you?


I’m writing today to encourage your support of an organization that I’ve come to know and love for the work they’re doing in our state.

First, a little about me– I’m Erin Swenson and while I’m originally from Buffalo, NY, I’ve spent my entire adult life in Georgia. I was ordained by the Presbytery of Atlanta in 1973 and in 1996 I became the first known mainstream minister to transition while remaining in ordained office. So, needless to say the issues of transgender equality and faith are near and dear to me.

That is why Georgia Equality is an organization that I happily involve myself with and am happy to support whenever I get the opportunity. GE is one of the few state equality groups across the country that has a staff member who’s enitre responisbility is trans inclusion, her name is Chanel Haley. This past year, Georgia Equality hosted several community conversations on the inclusion of trans folks in the church, and several trainings for transgender Georgians on how to be spokes-people and advocates for the transgender community in the media.

As a matter of fact, today, I am participating with Georgia Equality in meetings with several media outlets to ensure fair and complete coverage of the transgender community. We know the upcoming state legislative session has the potential to bring many anti-LGBT bills, and it’s going to take all of us to ensure that Georgia Equality is ready to fight back!

Today, during this season of giving, join me in making a gift that will ensure Georgia Equality has the resources to push back hard against anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bills, and to work for passage of a state nondiscrimination law. To help businesses and legislators embrace transgender-inclusive policies. To keep LGBT kids safe in schools. And to elect a bi-partisan majority in the state legislature that will advance fairness, safety and opportunity for all LGBT Georgians.

This is going to take all of us, and I’m counting on you! Let’s support this organization together.

We’re all in this together,

Rev. Erin K. Swenson