Why we’re thankful for YOU!

During this season of gratitude, we want to say THANK YOU to you!!

2016 has been a busy year in the fight for LGBT equality inGeorgia, and for all of our victories, we have YOU to thank.

As a supporter of Georgia Equality, you helped us:

~ Secure Gov. Deal’s veto on a piece of ‘religious freedom’ legislation that could have had major negative impacts on LGBT Georgians

~ Launch the second year of the Youth HIV/AIDS Policy Advisors Program, which pairs HIV positive youth from metro-Atlanta with local elected officials to serve as their advisors on HIV policy

~Register almost 2000 Georgians to vote, and reach out to more than 35,000 registered voters to make sure they knew which candidates would support LGBT Georgians

~Elect Sam Park, the first ever openly gay man to be elected to the State House of Representatives, beating a three term incumbent who has supported anti-LGBT legislation

~Elect Rep. Park Cannon, an African-American Queer-identified woman to the state legislature, becoming one of the youngest people ever elected to state office in Georgia

~Re-elect Rep. Keisha Waites, who won her re-election campaign with over 90% of the vote

~Hosted the Summer of Action where we had nearly 500 one-on-one conversations with people on the need for trans-inclusive nondiscrimination protections

~Connect with the over 5,000 people who have attended a Georgia Equality training or outreach event in various cities around the state.

In 2017, we will continue to fight for nondiscrimination for all, so that LGBT Georgians have the same rights every other Georgian – that means no one has to be afraid of losing their job, their home, their job, or their access to education simply because they are gay or transgender. Your support has made all of this possible, and inspires me for our future together.

Have a Warm and Happy Thanksgiving,

Jeff Graham, Executive Director