Georgia Equality’s 2nd Annual Worlds AIDS Day Event

World AIwADS 2015DS Day 2015

Atlanta, GA – On December 1, 2015 Georgia Equality’s Youth HIV Advisors hosted our 2nd Annual World AIDS Day – Atlanta event. This year’s global theme is “Getting to Zero” which means zero discrimination, zero infections and most importantly zero AIDS related deaths.

With over a hundred people present the Youth HIV Advisers shared their 2015/2016 Policy Agenda and this great video introducing themselves.

As Executive Director Jeff Graham said in his warm welcome, “I believe in our youth, as I remember when I was young and thought I could change the world in major ways. We need that energy to keep us moving and making a difference.” World AIDS day is a day for us to take a stand and make a difference in our world, while remember all those who have passed.

 During a time of question and answers, four advisors answered questions about access to health care, the struggle of making a decision to stay on government support versus going back to school and not being able to provide for family, and finding ways to break down the stigma of the infection enough to find support from other young people with HIV. The Youth HIV Advisory program has had a great first year! If you want to find out more about the work they are doing outside of hosting World AIDS day check out the #haveourbacksatl on
either facebook or twitter.