Remember RFRA? It’s back.RFRA BACK

The latest religious exemption bill – the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act –  would allow businesses and individuals to use their religious beliefs as an excuse to harm and discriminate against others—including gay and transgender people. Sen. Josh McKoon has made it his singular mission to pass a harmful religious exemptions law that would open a can of worms, leaving thousands of Georgians vulnerable to discrimination.
And he is not interested in compromise. But we’ve got power in numbers.

Georgia’s legislative session has resumed. We are mobilizing the grassroots campaign we need to defeat Georgia’s RFRA once and for all. It’s going to be a fight. We are organizing volunteers to help get the word out.

We need your support!

Georgia Equality needs your help at the Rush Center for phone-banking efforts on the following times:

Phonebanking January 14          4pm – 6pm & 6pm – 8pm

We will be posting new phone-banks for the rest of the month. – Please RSVP  to get specific times and locations.

January 23 – Lobby  and Advocacy Training at the Rush Center   11pm – 4pm

February 9  – Lobby Day and Rally    Meet Legislators 10am ; Rally 12pm at Liberty Plaza


Please RSVP here and sign up!

Urge your lawmakers to stand with the strong majority of Georgians who oppose discrimination and believe in treating all people in our state fairly. Send an email now and help defeat RFRA.